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I am


I'm a Ph.D. Student the Software Engineering (SeSa) Lab at the University of Salerno. My research interests lie in Software Project Management and Gamification applied to SE. Particularly, my research interests revolve around software project management in innovative contexts such as ML-Enabled and Security. By investigating issues and development challenges, I aims to create a taxonomy to support managers in managing those systems.

  • Birthday: 16 October 1998
  • Nationality: Italian
Research Interests

My research interests lie in software engineering and software management and maintenance. In particular, aspects of testing, risk management, gamification, and artificial intelligence applied to Software Engineering.


PMBOK: Certificate of participation to a management course on the PMBOK areas.

  • Italian : Mother tongue
  • English :
    Listening : B2
    Reading : B2
    Spoken interaction : B2
    Spoken production : B2
    Writing : B2



I have a great passion for photography. I love visiting landscapes and capturing them.


I often spend my time playing video games. It is my favorite pastime and ideal for relieving stress.

Anime & Manga

I am a huge Manga and Anime fan. Among my favorite anime are Naruto, SAO, and One Piece.


One of the things I can never say 'no' to is going for drinks with friends or, more generally, going out and having a drink with friends.

TV Series & Movie

I love to spend evenings in total relaxation watching a TV series or a film. The genres I love the most are Fantasy, Comedy, Action, and Thriller.


I cannot start my day unless I spend some time listening to the songs in my library, which is a patchwork of different musical genres.


I relax a lot by immersing myself in reading. In particular, I love fantasy, adventure, thriller, and romantic stories.


Work Experience

Research Assistant

01 April 2023

University of Salerno

Research Assistant in Software Engineering (SeSa) Lab
Human Aspects in Software Project Management of Macchine Learning Enabled Systems

Academic Tutor

16 June 2022 - 16 Dicember 2022

University of Salerno

Tutor for students with disabilities and DSA in cooperation with the University of Salerno


Ph.D. in Computer Science

Curriculum Internet of Things and Smart Technologies

1 November 2023 - current

University of Salerno

Advisors: Prof. Filomena Ferrucci, Prof. Gemma Catolino

Master Degree in Computer Science

Curriculum Software Engineering & IT Management

17 Dicember 2020 - 16 Dicember 2022

University of Salerno

110/ 110 Cum Laude

Graduation thesis in Software Project Management
SERGE — Serious Game for the Education of Risk Management in Software Project Management

Advisors: Prof. Filomena Ferrucci, Prof. Fabio Palomba,
Dr. Stefano Lambiase

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

15 September 2017 - 15 Dicember 2020

University of Salerno


Graduation thesis in Graphics and Intrertactivity
Use of Photon in Unity to realize a Multiplayer game

Supervisor: Prof. Andrea Francesco Abate, Prof. Ignazio Passero


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SERGE—Serious Game for the Education of Risk Management in Software Project Management
46th International Conference of Software Engineering — Software Engineering Education and Training (ICSE-SEET 2024)
How May Deep Learning Testing Inform Model Generalizability? The Case of Image Classification
16th Seminar Series on Advanced Techniques & Tools for Software Evolution (SATToSE 2023)
Security Risk Assessment on Cloud: A Systematic Mapping Study
28th International Conference on Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering (EASE 2024)
1st Workshop on Security Testing for Complex Software Systems (SECUTE 2024)
Adapting to Change: Software Project Management in the Era of Security in Cloud Computing
28th International Conference on Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering (EASE 2024) · Doctoral Symposium
Understand Developer Practices & Code Smells Diffusion AI-Enabled Software:A Preliminary Study
17th International Conference on Software Process and Product Measurement (MENSURA 2023)